Transcriptome (hub_61514_transcriptome)
  Position: CP040529.1:1-2,000
Total Bases in view: 2,000
Statistics on: 2,000 items covering 2,000 bases (100.00% coverage)
Average item spans 1.00 bases.
Average value 133.446 min 0 max 347 standard deviation 71.0875
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This track shows the transcriptomic expression.


The transcriptome data were taken from the bioproject PRJNA655119 and mapped with segemehl to an index comprising the eight SIHUMIx species as separate chromosomes. Default parameters were used. Annotation files were generated with samtools. Total expression per species was averaged over all replicates.


Data were processed at the Bioinformatic Institute of Leipzig. For inquiries, please contact us at the following address: john (at)