TAIR10 genes (AT1G55520.1)
AGI ID: AT1G55520.1
Score: 0
Position: chr1:20725726-20728091
Genomic Size: 2366
Strand: -
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This track represents the gene predictions generated by TAIR, version 10. An overview of all the tracks provided by EPD for the araTha1 assembly can be seen in table format here.


Gene annotation data was downloaded in GFF format and converted to BED using gff3ToGenePred and genePredToBed.
For a description of the methods used in Ensembl gene prediction, refer to Lamesch et al. (2012) in the References section below.


Thanks to TAIR for providing this annotation. A description of the process by which it was produced can be found on the TAIR site.


Swarbreck D, Wilks C, Lamesch P, Berardini TZ, Garcia-Hernandez M, Foerster H, Li D, Meyer T, Muller R, Ploetz L, Radenbaugh A. The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR): gene structure and function annotation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Jan 1;36(suppl 1):D1009-14. PMID: 17986450; PMC: PMC2238962