GC Percent in 5-Base Windows (hub_64872_gc5Base)
  Position: NC_047650.1:14,669,995-14,671,770
Total Bases in view: 1,776
Statistics on: 356 items covering 1,776 bases (100.00% coverage)
Average item spans 4.99 bases. Minimum span 1 maximum span 5
Average value 49.4382 min 0 max 100 standard deviation 21.8244
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The GC percent track shows the percentage of G (guanine) and C (cytosine) bases in 5-base windows on the 10 Oct 2019 Prunus dulcis/GCF_902201215.1_ALMONDv2/GCF_902201215.1 genome assembly. High GC content is typically associated with gene-rich areas. The average overall GC percent for the entire assembly is % 37.65.

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The data and presentation of this graph were prepared by Hiram Clawson.