Mouse Pax3. Click image to zoom in, drag or arrow keys to move. Caption is below.

source: Mahoney Lab source: MGI Reference: Mouse Brain Organization Revealed Through Direct Genome-Scale TF Expression Analysis.
Year: 2004 Contributors: Gray P.A.,Fu H.,Luo P.,Zhao Q.,Yu J.,Ferrari A.,Tenzen T.,Yuk D.I.,Tsung E.F.,Cai Z.,Alberta J.A.,Cheng L.P.,Liu Y.,Stenman J.M.,Valerius M.T.,Billings N.,Kim H.A.,Greenberg M.E.,McMahon A.P.,Rowitch D.H.,Stiles C.D.,Ma Q.,
Gene: Pax3 Probe: RNA from primers GenBank: AK014337
Organism: Mus musculus Sex: n/a Strain: C57BL Genotype: wild type
Stage: 10.5 day old embryo (Theiler 17) Body Part: whole
Expression: diencephalon(+) regionally restricted, future spinal cord(+) regionally restricted, hindbrain(+) regionally restricted, midbrain(+) regionally restricted
Section Type: whole mount
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Paul Gray for transferring the images.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to the Gene Expression Database group at Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) for collecting, annotating and sharing this image. The MGI images were last updated in VisiGene on March 28, 2006. Additional and more up to date annotations and images may be available directly at MGI.

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