UCSC Genome Browser on C. elegans May 2008 (WS190/ce6)
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chrII:14,646,344-14,667,746 21,403 bp.
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Chromosome Color Key:

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-   Mapping and Sequencing
Base Position
GC Percent
Restr Enzymes
Short Match
MNase Coverage
NSome Coverage
Adj NSome Covrg
NSome Stringency
-   Genes and Gene Predictions
WormBase Genes
WormBase RNAs
WormBase PseudoGenes
RefSeq Genes
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tRNA Genes
-   Literature
-   mRNA and EST
Spliced ESTs
C. elegans ESTs
C. elegans mRNAs
Other mRNAs
-   Expression and Regulation
ALG-1 binding
-   Comparative Genomics
P. pacificus Chain
P. pacificus Net
C. japonica Chain
C. japonica Net
C. brenneri Chain
C. brenneri Net
C. briggsae Chain
C. briggsae Net
C. remanei Chain
C. remanei Net
-   Variation and Repeats
Interrupted Rpts
Simple Repeats
Self Chain
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