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Configure Tracks on UCSC Genome Browser: Mouse Jun. 2020 (GRCm39/mm39)
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-   Mapping and Sequencing    
Base Position Chromosome position in bases. (Clicks here zoom in 3x)
Assembly Assembly from Fragments
Gap Gap Locations
GC Percent GC Percent in 5-Base Windows
GRC Incident GRC Incident Database
INSDC Accession at INSDC - International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration
Restr Enzymes Restriction Enzymes from REBASE
Short Match Perfect Matches to Short Sequence ()
Tandem Dups Paired identical sequences
UCSC liftOver mm10 UCSC liftOver alignments to mm10
-   Genes and Gene Predictions    
NCBI RefSeq RefSeq genes from NCBI
updated GENCODE Versions Container of all new and previous GENCODE releases
     All GENCODE VM26     All GENCODE annotations from VM26 (Ensembl 103)
     All GENCODE VM27     All GENCODE annotations from VM27 (Ensembl 104)
     All GENCODE VM28     All GENCODE annotations from VM28 (Ensembl 105)
     All GENCODE VM29     All GENCODE annotations from VM29 (Ensembl 106)
     All GENCODE VM30     All GENCODE annotations from VM30 (Ensembl 107)
     All GENCODE VM31     All GENCODE annotations from VM31 (Ensembl 108)
    new All GENCODE VM32     All GENCODE annotations from VM32 (Ensembl 109)
AUGUSTUS AUGUSTUS ab initio gene predictions v3.1
CRISPR Targets CRISPR/Cas9 -NGG Targets, whole genome
Genscan Genes Genscan Gene Predictions
Other RefSeq Non-Mouse RefSeq Genes
Pfam in UCSC Gene Pfam Domains in UCSC Genes
TOGA vs. hg38 TOGA annotations using human/hg38 as reference
UCSC Alt Events Alternative Splicing, Alternative Promoter and Similar Events in UCSC Genes
UniProt UniProt SwissProt/TrEMBL Protein Annotations
-   mRNA and EST    
RefSeq mRNAs RefSeq mRNAs mapped to this assembly
Mouse mRNAs Mouse mRNAs from GenBank
Mouse ESTs Mouse ESTs Including Unspliced
Other mRNAs Non-Mouse mRNAs from GenBank
-   Expression and Regulation    
CpG Islands CpG Islands (Islands < 300 Bases are Light Green)
     Unmasked CpG     CpG Islands on All Sequence (Islands < 300 Bases are Light Green)
     CpG Islands     CpG Islands (Islands < 300 Bases are Light Green)
JASPAR Transcription Factors JASPAR Transcription Factor Binding Site Database
ReMap ChIP-seq ReMap Atlas of Regulatory Regions
-   Comparative Genomics    
Conservation Vertebrate Multiz Alignment & Conservation (35 Species)
Chain/Net Chain and Net Alignments
-   Variation and Repeats    
RepeatMasker Repeating Elements by RepeatMasker
EVA SNP Release 3 Short Genetic Variants from European Variant Archive Release 3
new EVA SNP Release 4 Short Genetic Variants from European Variant Archive Release 4
Interrupted Rpts Fragments of Interrupted Repeats Joined by RepeatMasker ID
Microsatellite Microsatellites - Di-nucleotide and Tri-nucleotide Repeats
Simple Repeats Simple Tandem Repeats by TRF
WM + SDust Genomic Intervals Masked by WindowMasker + SDust