UCSC Genome Browser on Human (GRCh37/hg19)
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chr3:127,574,838-128,231,125 656,288 bp.
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-   Roadmap Epigenomics Data Complete Collection at Wash U VizHub
Broad Histone
UCSD Histone
DNA Methylation
By Assay
By Sample
Assay Summary
Sample Summary
Methylation Summary
Roadmap Uniformly Signal
+   Mapping and Sequencing
+   Genes and Gene Predictions
+   Phenotype and Literature
+   COVID-19
+   mRNA and EST
+   Expression
-   Regulation
ENCODE Regulation
CD34 DnaseI
CpG Islands
ENC Chromatin
ENC DNA Methyl
ENC Histone
ENC RNA Binding
ENC TF Binding
FSU Repli-chip
Genome Segments
GTEx Combined eQTL
GTEx Tissue eQTL
JASPAR Transcription Factors
NKI Nuc Lamina
Rao 2014 Hi-C
new ReMap ChIP-seq
Stanf Nucleosome
SUNY SwitchGear
SwitchGear TSS
TFBS Conserved
TS miRNA Targets
UCSF Brain Methyl
UMMS Brain Hist
UW Repli-seq
Vista Enhancers
+   Comparative Genomics
+   Neandertal Assembly and Analysis
+   Denisova Assembly and Analysis
+   Variation
+   Repeats
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