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AUGUSTUS  AUGUSTUS ab initio gene predictions v3.1  
Geneid Genes  Geneid Gene Predictions  
Genscan Genes  Genscan Gene Predictions  
SGP Genes  SGP Gene Predictions Using Mouse/Human Homology  
SIB Genes  Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Gene Predictions from mRNA and ESTs  
Assembly: Human Dec. 2013 (GRCh38/hg38)


This supertrack is a collection of gene prediction tracks and is composed of the following tracks:

shows ab initio predictions from the program AUGUSTUS (version 3.1). The predictions are based on the genome sequence alone.
Geneid Genes
shows gene predictions from the geneid program. Geneid is a program to predict genes in anonymous genomic sequences designed with a hierarchical structure.
Genscan Genes
shows predictions from the Genscan program. The predictions are based on transcriptional, translational and donor/acceptor splicing signals as well as the length and compositional distributions of exons, introns and intergenic regions.
SGP Genes
shows gene predictions from the SGP2 homology-based gene prediction program. To predict genes in a genomic query, SGP2 combines geneid predictions with tblastx comparisons of the genome of the target species against genomic sequences of other species (reference genomes) deemed to be at an appropriate evolutionary distance from the target.
SIB Genes
a transcript-based set of gene predictions based on data from RefSeq and EMBL/GenBank. The track includes both protein-coding and non-coding transcripts. The coding regions are predicted using ESTScan.

More information about display conventions, methods, credits, and references can be found on each subtrack's description page.