Non-coding RNA Tracks
RNA sequences that do not code for a protein tracks   (All Genes and Gene Predictions tracks)

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lincRNA RNA-Seq  lincRNA RNA-Seq reads expression abundances  
lincRNA TUCP  lincRNA and TUCP transcripts  
sno/miRNA  C/D and H/ACA Box snoRNAs, scaRNAs, and microRNAs from snoRNABase and miRBase  Source data version: miRBase Release 22 (March 2018) and snoRNABase Version 3 (lifted from hg19)
tRNA Genes  Transfer RNA Genes Identified with tRNAscan-SE  
Related tracks Assembly: Human Dec. 2013 (GRCh38/hg38)


This is a super track for non-coding RNA data, subtracks represent some form of non-coding RNA data.


The body map RNA-Seq data was kindly provided by the Gene Expression Applications research group at Illumina.

Genome coordinates for the sno/miRNA track were obtained from the miRBase sequences FTP site and from snoRNABase coordinates download page.


When making use of these data, please cite the folowing articles in addition to the primary sources of the miRNA sequences:

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You may also want to cite The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute miRBase and The Laboratoire de Biologie Moleculaire Eucaryote snoRNABase.

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