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Data last updated at UCSC: 2011-12-22


The Old UCSC Genes track shows genes from the previous version of the UCSC Genes build. This is similar to the current version but without explicitly including Rfam or tRNA sequences.

The new release has 82,960 total transcripts, compared with 80,922 in the previous version. The total number of canonical genes has increased from 31,227 to 31,848. Comparing the new gene set with the previous version:

  • 74,657 transcripts did not change between versions.
  • 88 transcripts were not carried forward to the new version.
  • 5,556 transcripts are "compatible" with those in the previous set, meaning that the two transcripts show consistent splicing. In most cases, the old and new transcripts differ in the lengths of their UTRs.
  • 621 transcripts overlap with those in the previous set but do not show consistent splicing, i.e., they contain overlapping introns with differing splice sites.

Read the description of how the current version of the UCSC Genes track was built.