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Data last updated at UCSC: 2020-02-20


This track shows the finished assembly of the human genome. This assembly merges contigs from overlapping drafts and finished clones into longer sequence contigs. The sequence contigs are ordered and oriented when possible by mRNA, EST, paired plasmid reads (from the SNP Consortium) and BAC end sequence pairs.

In dense mode, this track depicts the path through the draft and finished clones (aka the golden path) used to create the assembled sequence. Clone boundaries are distinguished by the use of alternating gold and brown coloration. Where gaps exist in the path, spaces are shown between the gold and brown blocks. If the relative order and orientation of the contigs between the two blocks is known, a line is drawn to bridge the blocks.

Clone Type Key:

  • F - Finished (HTGS phase 3)
  • O - Other sequence (typically means no HTG keyword)
  • P - Pre draft
  • W - WGS contig

See also

NCBI discussion of genome assembly procedures.


The Feb. 2009 human reference sequence (GRCh37) was produced by the Genome Reference Consortium.