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Data last updated at UCSC: 2010-09-16


This track shows the 657,000 SNPs genotyped in 53 populations worldwide by the Human Genome Diversity Project in collaboration with the Centre d'Etude du Polymorphisme Humain (HGDP-CEPH). This track and several others are available from the HGDP Selection Browser.


Samples collected by the HGDP-CEPH from 1,043 individuals from around the world were genotyped for 657,000 SNPs at Stanford. Ancestral states for all SNPs were estimated using whole genome human-chimpanzee alignments from the UCSC database. For each SNP in the human genome (NCBI Build 35, UCSC database hg17), the allele at the corresponding position in the chimp genome (Build 2 version 1, UCSC database pantro2) was used as ancestral.

Allele frequencies were plotted on a world map using programs included in the Generic Mapping Tools.


Thanks to the HGDP-CEPH, the Pritchard lab at Stanford University, Joe Pickrell and John Novembre for sharing the data and plotting scripts for this track.


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