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Description and Methods

This track shows gene annotations from the Vertebrate Genome Annotation (Vega) database. Annotations are divided into two subtracks from the Vega Human Genome Annotation project:

  • Vega Protein-Coding and Non-Coding Gene Annotations
  • Vega Annotated Pseudogenes and Immunoglobulin Segments

The following information is an excerpt from the Vertebrate Genome Annotation home page:

"The Vega database is designed to be a central repository for high-quality, frequently updated manual annotation of different vertebrate finished genome sequence. Vega attempts to present consistent high-quality curation of the published chromosome sequences. Finished genomic sequence is analysed on a clone-by-clone basis using a combination of similarity searches against DNA and protein databases as well as a series of ab initio gene predictions (GENSCAN, Fgenes). The annotation is based on supporting evidence only."

"In addition, comparative analysis using vertebrate datasets such as the Riken mouse cDNAs and Genoscope Tetraodon nigroviridis Ecores (Evolutionary Conserved Regions) are used for novel gene discovery."

Display Conventions and Configuration

This track follows the display conventions for gene prediction tracks. Transcript type (and other details) may be found by clicking on the transcript identifier which forms the outside link to the Vega transcript details page. Further information on the gene and transcript classification may be found here.


Thanks to Steve Trevanion at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute for providing the GTF and FASTA files for the Vega annotations. Vega acknowledgements and publications are listed here.