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Draw double horizontal lines when both genome and query have an insertion
Draw a vertical purple line for an insertion at the beginning or end of the
query, orange for insertion in the middle of the query

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Data last updated at UCSC: 2011-02-22


This track shows the UniGene genes from NCBI. Each UniGene entry is a set of transcript sequences that appear to come from the same transcription locus (gene or expressed pseudogene), together with information on protein similarities, gene expression, cDNA clone reagents, and genomic location.

Coding exons are represented by blocks connected by horizontal lines representing introns. In full display mode, arrowheads on the connecting intron lines indicate the direction of transcription.


The UniGene sequence file, Hs.seq.uniq.gz, is downloaded from NCBI. Sequences are aligned to base genome using BLAT to create this track.

When a single UniGene gene aligned in multiple places, the alignment having the highest base identity was found. Only alignments having a base identity level within 0.2% of the best and at least 96.5% base identity with the genomic sequence were kept.


Thanks to UniGene for providing this annotation.