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ARTIC V4.1 Oxford Nanopore sequencing primers   (All Mapping and Sequencing tracks)

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Assembly: SARS-CoV-2 Jan. 2020 (NC_045512.2)
Data last updated at UCSC: 2022-01-11 05:00:04


This track shows the primers for the ARTIC network SARS-CoV-2 sequencing protocol, Version 4.1 (January 7, 2022), which restores the functionality of some primers against the Omicron variant.

Display Conventions and Configuration

Genomic locations of primers are highlighted. A click on them shows the primer pool.


Artic Network primer sequences were downloaded from Github (file SARS-CoV-2.primer.bed) and converted to bigBed.

Data Access

The raw data can be explored interactively with the REST API, Table Browser, or combined with other datasets in the Data Integrator tool. For automated analysis, the genome annotation is stored in a bigBed file that can be downloaded from the download server.

Annotations can be converted from binary to ASCII text by our command-line tool bigBedToBed. Instructions for downloading this command can be found on our utilities page. The tool can also be used to obtain features within a given range without downloading the file, for example:

bigBedToBed -chrom=NC_045512v2 -start=0 -end=29902 stdout

Please refer to our mailing list archives for questions, or our Data Access FAQ for more information.