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Data last updated at UCSC: 2010-10-14


The recombination rate track represents calculated sex-averaged rates of recombination based on either the deCODE, Marshfield, or Genethon genetic maps. By default, the deCODE map rates are displayed. Female- and male-specific recombination rates, as well as rates from the Marshfield and Genethon maps, can also be displayed by choosing the appropriate filter option on the track description page.


The deCODE genetic map was created at deCODE Genetics and is based on 5,136 microsatellite markers for 146 families with a total of 1,257 meiotic events. For more information on this map, see Kong, et al., 2002.

The Marshfield genetic map was created at the Center for Medical Genetics and is based on 8,325 short tandem repeat polymorphisms (STRPs) for 8 CEPH families consisting of 134 individuals with 186 meioses. For more information on this map, see Broman et al., 1998.

The Genethon genetic map was created at Genethon and is based on 5,264 microsatellites for 8 CEPH families consisting of 134 individuals with 186 meioses. For more information on this map, see Dib et al., 1996.

Each base is assigned the recombination rate calculated by assuming a linear genetic distance across the immediately flanking genetic markers. The recombination rate assigned to each 1 Mb window is the average recombination rate of the bases contained within the window.

Using the Filter

This track has a filter that can be used to change the map or gender-specific rate displayed. The filter is located at the top of the track description page, which is accessed via the small button to the left of the track's graphical display or through the link on the track's control menu. To view a particular map or gender-specific rate, select the corresponding option from the "Map Distances" pulldown list. By default, the browser displays the deCODE sex-averaged distances.

When you have finished configuring the filter, click the Submit button.


This track was produced at UCSC using data that are freely available for the Genethon, Marshfield, and deCODE genetic maps (see above links). Thanks to all who played a part in the creation of these maps.


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Dib C, Fauré S, Fizames C, Samson D, Drouot N, Vignal A, Millasseau P, Marc S, Hazan J, Seboun E et al. A comprehensive genetic map of the human genome based on 5,264 microsatellites. Nature. 1996 Mar 14;380(6570):152-4. PMID: 8600387

Kong A, Gudbjartsson DF, Sainz J, Jonsdottir GM, Gudjonsson SA, Richardsson B, Sigurdardottir S, Barnard J, Hallbeck B, Masson G et al. A high-resolution recombination map of the human genome. Nat Genet. 2002 Jul;31(3):241-7. PMID: 12053178