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color cluster count tissue subtissue cell_class sex↓ donor
bladder organ//immune/female/TSP2 5709 bladder organ immune female TSP2
bladder organ//immune/female/TSP1 4679 bladder organ immune female TSP1
bladder organ//epithelial/female/TSP1 1917 bladder organ epithelial female TSP1
bladder organ//epithelial/female/TSP2 956 bladder organ epithelial female TSP2
bladder organ//endothelial/female/TSP1 281 bladder organ endothelial female TSP1
bladder organ//endothelial/female/TSP2 124 bladder organ endothelial female TSP2
bladder organ//stromal/female/TSP1 4859 bladder organ stromal female TSP1
bladder organ//stromal/female/TSP2 2992 bladder organ stromal female TSP2
blood//immune/female/TSP7 17831 blood immune female TSP7
blood//immune/female/TSP1 3939 blood immune female TSP1
blood//immune/female/TSP2 11402 blood immune female TSP2
bone marrow//immune/female/TSP2 301 bone marrow immune female TSP2
bone marrow/vertebral body/immune/fem... 3117 bone marrow vertebral body immune female TSP2
eye//immune/female/TSP5 301 eye immune female TSP5
eye/conjunctiva/epithelial/female/TSP3 2084 eye conjunctiva epithelial female TSP3
eye//epithelial/female/TSP3 75 eye epithelial female TSP3
eye//epithelial/female/TSP5 1944 eye epithelial female TSP5
eye//endothelial/female/TSP5 25 eye endothelial female TSP5
eye//stromal/female/TSP5 189 eye stromal female TSP5
eye/lacrimal gland/immune/female/TSP3 127 eye lacrimal gland immune female TSP3
eye/lacrimal gland/epithelial/female/... 5 eye lacrimal gland epithelial female TSP3
eye/lacrimal gland/endothelial/female... 4 eye lacrimal gland endothelial female TSP3
eye/lacrimal gland/stromal/female/TSP3 112 eye lacrimal gland stromal female TSP3
eye//immune/female/TSP3 1 eye immune female TSP3
eye/no cornea/immune/female/TSP3 21 eye no cornea immune female TSP3
eye/no cornea/epithelial/female/TSP3 11 eye no cornea epithelial female TSP3
eye/no cornea/stromal/female/TSP3 3 eye no cornea stromal female TSP3
eye/no cornea/endothelial/female/TSP3 1 eye no cornea endothelial female TSP3
eye/orbital/immune/female/TSP3 1 eye orbital immune female TSP3
eye/orbital/endothelial/female/TSP3 1 eye orbital endothelial female TSP3
eye//stromal/female/TSP3 1 eye stromal female TSP3
eye/whole/immune/female/TSP5 102 eye whole immune female TSP5
eye/whole/epithelial/female/TSP5 22 eye whole epithelial female TSP5
eye/whole/stromal/female/TSP5 9 eye whole stromal female TSP5
kidney//immune/female/TSP2 1215 kidney immune female TSP2
kidney//endothelial/female/TSP2 95 kidney endothelial female TSP2
kidney//epithelial/female/TSP2 8331 kidney epithelial female TSP2
large intestine/distal/immune/female/... 37 large intestine distal immune female TSP2
large intestine/distal/epithelial/fem... 911 large intestine distal epithelial female TSP2
large intestine/distal/stromal/female... 69 large intestine distal stromal female TSP2
large intestine/distal/endothelial/fe... 14 large intestine distal endothelial female TSP2
large intestine//epithelial/female/TSP2 324 large intestine epithelial female TSP2
large intestine//stromal/female/TSP2 7 large intestine stromal female TSP2
large intestine//immune/female/TSP2 4 large intestine immune female TSP2
large intestine/proximal/immune/femal... 34 large intestine proximal immune female TSP2
large intestine/proximal/epithelial/f... 808 large intestine proximal epithelial female TSP2
large intestine/proximal/stromal/fema... 25 large intestine proximal stromal female TSP2
large intestine/proximal/endothelial/... 8 large intestine proximal endothelial female TSP2
lung//stromal/female/TSP1 197 lung stromal female TSP1
lung//stromal/female/TSP2 2 lung stromal female TSP2
lung//immune/female/TSP1 10091 lung immune female TSP1
lung//epithelial/female/TSP1 1859 lung epithelial female TSP1
lung//epithelial/female/TSP2 367 lung epithelial female TSP2
lung//endothelial/female/TSP1 362 lung endothelial female TSP1
lung//endothelial/female/TSP2 96 lung endothelial female TSP2
lung//immune/female/TSP2 9 lung immune female TSP2
lung/medial-distal/stromal/female/TSP1 70 lung medial-distal stromal female TSP1
lung/medial-distal/immune/female/TSP1 103 lung medial-distal immune female TSP1
lung/medial-distal/epithelial/female/... 85 lung medial-distal epithelial female TSP1
lung/medial-distal/endothelial/female... 49 lung medial-distal endothelial female TSP1
lung/neuron/stromal/female/TSP2 275 lung neuron stromal female TSP2
lung/neuron/immune/female/TSP2 8 lung neuron immune female TSP2
lung/neuron/epithelial/female/TSP2 9 lung neuron epithelial female TSP2
lung/prox-medial-distal/stromal/femal... 442 lung prox-medial-distal stromal female TSP2
lung/prox-medial-distal/immune/female... 7028 lung prox-medial-distal immune female TSP2
lung/prox-medial-distal/epithelial/fe... 7728 lung prox-medial-distal epithelial female TSP2
lung/prox-medial-distal/endothelial/f... 2170 lung prox-medial-distal endothelial female TSP2
lung/proximal/stromal/female/TSP1 82 lung proximal stromal female TSP1
lung/proximal/immune/female/TSP1 138 lung proximal immune female TSP1
lung/proximal/epithelial/female/TSP1 78 lung proximal epithelial female TSP1
lung/proximal/endothelial/female/TSP1 84 lung proximal endothelial female TSP1
lymph node//immune/female/TSP2 9450 lymph node immune female TSP2
lymph node//endothelial/female/TSP2 15 lymph node endothelial female TSP2
lymph node/inguinal/immune/female/TSP7 8378 lymph node inguinal immune female TSP7
lymph node/inguinal/immune/female/TSP2 302 lymph node inguinal immune female TSP2
lymph node/inguinal/endothelial/femal... 3 lymph node inguinal endothelial female TSP7
lymph node/supradiaphragmatic/immune/... 4692 lymph node supradiaphragmatic immune female TSP7
lymph node/supradiaphragmatic/endothe... 3 lymph node supradiaphragmatic endothelial female TSP7
lymph node/supradiaphragmatic/stromal... 5 lymph node supradiaphragmatic stromal female TSP7
mammary gland//immune/female/TSP4 2815 mammary gland immune female TSP4
mammary gland//epithelial/female/TSP4 5854 mammary gland epithelial female TSP4
mammary gland//endothelial/female/TSP4 463 mammary gland endothelial female TSP4
mammary gland//stromal/female/TSP4 2243 mammary gland stromal female TSP4
muscle tissue//endothelial/female/TSP1 1043 muscle tissue endothelial female TSP1
muscle tissue//endothelial/female/TSP2 173 muscle tissue endothelial female TSP2
muscle tissue//immune/female/TSP1 429 muscle tissue immune female TSP1
muscle tissue//immune/female/TSP2 545 muscle tissue immune female TSP2
muscle tissue/diaphragm/endothelial/f... 1766 muscle tissue diaphragm endothelial female TSP2
muscle tissue/diaphragm/endothelial/f... 248 muscle tissue diaphragm endothelial female TSP4
muscle tissue/diaphragm/immune/female... 387 muscle tissue diaphragm immune female TSP2
muscle tissue/diaphragm/immune/female... 247 muscle tissue diaphragm immune female TSP4
muscle tissue/diaphragm/stromal/femal... 2289 muscle tissue diaphragm stromal female TSP2
muscle tissue/diaphragm/stromal/femal... 636 muscle tissue diaphragm stromal female TSP4
muscle tissue//stromal/female/TSP1 2288 muscle tissue stromal female TSP1
muscle tissue//stromal/female/TSP2 403 muscle tissue stromal female TSP2
muscle tissue/rectus abdominus/endoth... 1782 muscle tissue rectus abdominus endothelial female TSP2
muscle tissue/rectus abdominus/endoth... 227 muscle tissue rectus abdominus endothelial female TSP4
muscle tissue/rectus abdominus/immune... 828 muscle tissue rectus abdominus immune female TSP2
muscle tissue/rectus abdominus/immune... 224 muscle tissue rectus abdominus immune female TSP4
muscle tissue/rectus abdominus/stroma... 8174 muscle tissue rectus abdominus stromal female TSP2
muscle tissue/rectus abdominus/stroma... 662 muscle tissue rectus abdominus stromal female TSP4
muscle tissue/rectus abdominus/epithe... 1 muscle tissue rectus abdominus epithelial female TSP4
pancreas/endocrine/immune/female/TSP1 253 pancreas endocrine immune female TSP1
pancreas/endocrine/endothelial/female... 173 pancreas endocrine endothelial female TSP1
pancreas/endocrine/epithelial/female/... 1087 pancreas endocrine epithelial female TSP1
pancreas/endocrine/stromal/female/TSP1 7 pancreas endocrine stromal female TSP1
pancreas/exocrine/immune/female/TSP1 31 pancreas exocrine immune female TSP1
pancreas/exocrine/endothelial/female/... 92 pancreas exocrine endothelial female TSP1
pancreas/exocrine/epithelial/female/TSP1 5123 pancreas exocrine epithelial female TSP1
pancreas/exocrine/stromal/female/TSP1 32 pancreas exocrine stromal female TSP1
saliva-secreting gland/parotid/epithe... 1957 saliva-secreting gland parotid epithelial female TSP7
saliva-secreting gland/parotid/stroma... 1270 saliva-secreting gland parotid stromal female TSP7
saliva-secreting gland/parotid/immune... 6065 saliva-secreting gland parotid immune female TSP7
saliva-secreting gland/parotid/endoth... 145 saliva-secreting gland parotid endothelial female TSP7
small intestine/distal/immune/female/... 20 small intestine distal immune female TSP2
small intestine/distal/epithelial/fem... 141 small intestine distal epithelial female TSP2
small intestine/distal/endothelial/fe... 3 small intestine distal endothelial female TSP2
small intestine//epithelial/female/TSP2 589 small intestine epithelial female TSP2
small intestine//stromal/female/TSP2 1 small intestine stromal female TSP2
small intestine//immune/female/TSP2 4 small intestine immune female TSP2
small intestine/proximal/immune/femal... 150 small intestine proximal immune female TSP2
small intestine/proximal/epithelial/f... 1049 small intestine proximal epithelial female TSP2
small intestine/proximal/stromal/fema... 24 small intestine proximal stromal female TSP2
small intestine/proximal/endothelial/... 28 small intestine proximal endothelial female TSP2
spleen//immune/female/TSP2 7521 spleen immune female TSP2
spleen//immune/female/TSP7 7051 spleen immune female TSP7
spleen//endothelial/female/TSP2 158 spleen endothelial female TSP2
spleen//endothelial/female/TSP7 310 spleen endothelial female TSP7
thymus//endothelial/female/TSP2 1837 thymus endothelial female TSP2
thymus//immune/female/TSP2 8761 thymus immune female TSP2
thymus//stromal/female/TSP2 1450 thymus stromal female TSP2
thymus//epithelial/female/TSP2 38 thymus epithelial female TSP2
tongue/anterior/epithelial/female/TSP7 2409 tongue anterior epithelial female TSP7
tongue/anterior/endothelial/female/TSP7 8 tongue anterior endothelial female TSP7
tongue/anterior/stromal/female/TSP7 26 tongue anterior stromal female TSP7
tongue/anterior/immune/female/TSP7 233 tongue anterior immune female TSP7
tongue//epithelial/female/TSP4 169 tongue epithelial female TSP4
tongue//stromal/female/TSP4 11 tongue stromal female TSP4
tongue//immune/female/TSP4 6 tongue immune female TSP4
tongue/posterior/epithelial/female/TSP7 5074 tongue posterior epithelial female TSP7
tongue/posterior/endothelial/female/TSP7 114 tongue posterior endothelial female TSP7
tongue/posterior/stromal/female/TSP7 177 tongue posterior stromal female TSP7
tongue/posterior/immune/female/TSP7 1376 tongue posterior immune female TSP7
trachea//epithelial/female/TSP2 4104 trachea epithelial female TSP2
trachea//stromal/female/TSP2 249 trachea stromal female TSP2
trachea//endothelial/female/TSP2 33 trachea endothelial female TSP2
trachea//immune/female/TSP2 18 trachea immune female TSP2
uterus//epithelial/female/TSP4 54 uterus epithelial female TSP4
uterus/endometrium/immune/female/TSP4 874 uterus endometrium immune female TSP4
uterus/endometrium/epithelial/female/... 230 uterus endometrium epithelial female TSP4
uterus/endometrium/endothelial/female... 168 uterus endometrium endothelial female TSP4
uterus/endometrium/stromal/female/TSP4 2541 uterus endometrium stromal female TSP4
uterus//endothelial/female/TSP4 21 uterus endothelial female TSP4
uterus//stromal/female/TSP4 156 uterus stromal female TSP4
uterus//immune/female/TSP4 55 uterus immune female TSP4
uterus/myometrium/endothelial/female/... 1974 uterus myometrium endothelial female TSP4
uterus/myometrium/epithelial/female/TSP4 9 uterus myometrium epithelial female TSP4
uterus/myometrium/stromal/female/TSP4 1001 uterus myometrium stromal female TSP4
uterus/myometrium/immune/female/TSP4 41 uterus myometrium immune female TSP4
vasculature/aorta/immune/female/TSP2 2396 vasculature aorta immune female TSP2
vasculature/aorta/endothelial/female/... 1549 vasculature aorta endothelial female TSP2
vasculature/aorta/epithelial/female/TSP2 26 vasculature aorta epithelial female TSP2
vasculature/aorta/stromal/female/TSP2 4413 vasculature aorta stromal female TSP2
vasculature//stromal/female/TSP2 263 vasculature stromal female TSP2
vasculature//immune/female/TSP2 1 vasculature immune female TSP2
adipose tissue/marrow/immune/male/TSP10 1662 adipose tissue marrow immune male TSP10
adipose tissue/marrow/endothelial/mal... 750 adipose tissue marrow endothelial male TSP10
adipose tissue/marrow/endothelial/mal... 1214 adipose tissue marrow endothelial male TSP14
adipose tissue/marrow/stromal/male/TSP10 3976 adipose tissue marrow stromal male TSP10
adipose tissue/marrow/stromal/male/TSP14 1551 adipose tissue marrow stromal male TSP14
adipose tissue/marrow/immune/male/TSP14 1218 adipose tissue marrow immune male TSP14
adipose tissue/subcutaneous/immune/ma... 2294 adipose tissue subcutaneous immune male TSP10
adipose tissue/subcutaneous/endotheli... 1122 adipose tissue subcutaneous endothelial male TSP10
adipose tissue/subcutaneous/endotheli... 662 adipose tissue subcutaneous endothelial male TSP14
adipose tissue/subcutaneous/stromal/m... 2789 adipose tissue subcutaneous stromal male TSP10
adipose tissue/subcutaneous/stromal/m... 2452 adipose tissue subcutaneous stromal male TSP14
adipose tissue/subcutaneous/immune/ma... 573 adipose tissue subcutaneous immune male TSP14
blood//immune/male/TSP8 1974 blood immune male TSP8
blood//immune/male/TSP10 5007 blood immune male TSP10
blood//immune/male/TSP14 9962 blood immune male TSP14
bone marrow//immune/male/TSP11 2488 bone marrow immune male TSP11
bone marrow//immune/male/TSP14 5853 bone marrow immune male TSP14
bone marrow/vertebral body/immune/mal... 538 bone marrow vertebral body immune male TSP13
eye/cornea-etc/immune/male/TSP15 80 eye cornea-etc immune male TSP15
eye/cornea-etc/epithelial/male/TSP15 2940 eye cornea-etc epithelial male TSP15
eye/cornea-etc/endothelial/male/TSP15 173 eye cornea-etc endothelial male TSP15
eye/cornea-etc/stromal/male/TSP15 312 eye cornea-etc stromal male TSP15
eye/neuroretina-etc/immune/male/TSP15 34 eye neuroretina-etc immune male TSP15
eye/neuroretina-etc/epithelial/male/T... 325 eye neuroretina-etc epithelial male TSP15
eye/neuroretina-etc/stromal/male/TSP15 316 eye neuroretina-etc stromal male TSP15
eye/sclera-etc/immune/male/TSP15 327 eye sclera-etc immune male TSP15
eye/sclera-etc/epithelial/male/TSP15 471 eye sclera-etc epithelial male TSP15
eye/sclera-etc/endothelial/male/TSP15 367 eye sclera-etc endothelial male TSP15
eye/sclera-etc/stromal/male/TSP15 266 eye sclera-etc stromal male TSP15
heart/atria/endothelial/male/TSP12 1860 heart atria endothelial male TSP12
heart/atria/stromal/male/TSP12 5594 heart atria stromal male TSP12
heart/atria/epithelial/male/TSP12 787 heart atria epithelial male TSP12
heart/atria/immune/male/TSP12 38 heart atria immune male TSP12
heart/ventricle/endothelial/male/TSP12 805 heart ventricle endothelial male TSP12
heart/ventricle/stromal/male/TSP12 2083 heart ventricle stromal male TSP12
heart/ventricle/epithelial/male/TSP12 302 heart ventricle epithelial male TSP12
heart/ventricle/immune/male/TSP12 36 heart ventricle immune male TSP12
large intestine/distal/immune/male/TSP14 4200 large intestine distal immune male TSP14
large intestine/distal/epithelial/mal... 2884 large intestine distal epithelial male TSP14
large intestine/distal/stromal/male/T... 506 large intestine distal stromal male TSP14
large intestine/distal/endothelial/ma... 24 large intestine distal endothelial male TSP14
large intestine/proximal/immune/male/... 2179 large intestine proximal immune male TSP14
large intestine/proximal/epithelial/m... 1293 large intestine proximal epithelial male TSP14
large intestine/proximal/stromal/male... 346 large intestine proximal stromal male TSP14
large intestine/proximal/endothelial/... 7 large intestine proximal endothelial male TSP14
liver//endothelial/male/TSP14 347 liver endothelial male TSP14
liver//endothelial/male/TSP6 341 liver endothelial male TSP6
liver//immune/male/TSP14 272 liver immune male TSP14
liver//immune/male/TSP6 2371 liver immune male TSP6
liver//stromal/male/TSP6 70 liver stromal male TSP6
liver//stromal/male/TSP14 6 liver stromal male TSP14
liver//epithelial/male/TSP6 78 liver epithelial male TSP6
liver//epithelial/male/TSP14 1522 liver epithelial male TSP14
lung/distal/stromal/male/TSP14 11 lung distal stromal male TSP14
lung/distal/endothelial/male/TSP14 14 lung distal endothelial male TSP14
lung/distal/immune/male/TSP14 197 lung distal immune male TSP14
lung/distal/epithelial/male/TSP14 868 lung distal epithelial male TSP14
lung//immune/male/TSP14 1 lung immune male TSP14
lung/proximal/stromal/male/TSP14 37 lung proximal stromal male TSP14
lung/proximal/endothelial/male/TSP14 33 lung proximal endothelial male TSP14
lung/proximal/immune/male/TSP14 183 lung proximal immune male TSP14
lung/proximal/epithelial/male/TSP14 1927 lung proximal epithelial male TSP14
lung//epithelial/male/TSP14 1077 lung epithelial male TSP14
lung//stromal/male/TSP14 2 lung stromal male TSP14
lymph node//immune/male/TSP14 30184 lymph node immune male TSP14
lymph node//endothelial/male/TSP14 137 lymph node endothelial male TSP14
lymph node//stromal/male/TSP14 106 lymph node stromal male TSP14
muscle tissue/abdomen/endothelial/mal... 541 muscle tissue abdomen endothelial male TSP14
muscle tissue/abdomen/immune/male/TSP14 242 muscle tissue abdomen immune male TSP14
muscle tissue/abdomen/stromal/male/TSP14 5359 muscle tissue abdomen stromal male TSP14
muscle tissue/diaphragm/endothelial/m... 104 muscle tissue diaphragm endothelial male TSP14
muscle tissue/diaphragm/immune/male/T... 454 muscle tissue diaphragm immune male TSP14
muscle tissue/diaphragm/stromal/male/... 1683 muscle tissue diaphragm stromal male TSP14
muscle tissue/diaphragm/epithelial/ma... 11 muscle tissue diaphragm epithelial male TSP14
pancreas/exocrine/immune/male/TSP9 2458 pancreas exocrine immune male TSP9
pancreas/exocrine/endothelial/male/TSP9 1835 pancreas exocrine endothelial male TSP9
pancreas/exocrine/stromal/male/TSP9 401 pancreas exocrine stromal male TSP9
pancreas/exocrine/epithelial/male/TSP9 2005 pancreas exocrine epithelial male TSP9
prostate gland//epithelial/male/TSP8 10185 prostate gland epithelial male TSP8
prostate gland//epithelial/male/TSP14 2131 prostate gland epithelial male TSP14
prostate gland//immune/male/TSP8 1913 prostate gland immune male TSP8
prostate gland//endothelial/male/TSP8 471 prostate gland endothelial male TSP8
prostate gland//endothelial/male/TSP14 114 prostate gland endothelial male TSP14
prostate gland//immune/male/TSP14 1010 prostate gland immune male TSP14
prostate gland//stromal/male/TSP8 524 prostate gland stromal male TSP8
prostate gland//stromal/male/TSP14 16 prostate gland stromal male TSP14
prostate gland//germ line/male/TSP14 11 prostate gland germ line male TSP14
saliva-secreting gland/parotid/epithe... 6975 saliva-secreting gland parotid epithelial male TSP14
saliva-secreting gland/parotid/stroma... 845 saliva-secreting gland parotid stromal male TSP14
saliva-secreting gland/parotid/immune... 3628 saliva-secreting gland parotid immune male TSP14
saliva-secreting gland/parotid/endoth... 118 saliva-secreting gland parotid endothelial male TSP14
saliva-secreting gland/submandibular/... 4158 saliva-secreting gland submandibular epithelial male TSP14
saliva-secreting gland/submandibular/... 380 saliva-secreting gland submandibular endothelial male TSP14
saliva-secreting gland/submandibular/... 642 saliva-secreting gland submandibular stromal male TSP14
saliva-secreting gland/submandibular/... 1016 saliva-secreting gland submandibular immune male TSP14
skin of body/abdomen/immune/male/TSP14 765 skin of body abdomen immune male TSP14
skin of body/abdomen/immune/male/TSP10 273 skin of body abdomen immune male TSP10
skin of body/abdomen/endothelial/male... 139 skin of body abdomen endothelial male TSP14
skin of body/abdomen/endothelial/male... 52 skin of body abdomen endothelial male TSP10
skin of body/abdomen/epithelial/male/... 3 skin of body abdomen epithelial male TSP14
skin of body/abdomen/epithelial/male/... 6 skin of body abdomen epithelial male TSP10
skin of body/abdomen/stromal/male/TSP14 683 skin of body abdomen stromal male TSP14
skin of body/abdomen/stromal/male/TSP10 86 skin of body abdomen stromal male TSP10
skin of body//immune/male/TSP10 2623 skin of body immune male TSP10
skin of body/chest/immune/male/TSP14 607 skin of body chest immune male TSP14
skin of body/chest/immune/male/TSP10 274 skin of body chest immune male TSP10
skin of body/chest/stromal/male/TSP14 1025 skin of body chest stromal male TSP14
skin of body/chest/endothelial/male/T... 337 skin of body chest endothelial male TSP14
skin of body/chest/endothelial/male/T... 79 skin of body chest endothelial male TSP10
skin of body/chest/epithelial/male/TSP14 2 skin of body chest epithelial male TSP14
skin of body/chest/epithelial/male/TSP10 36 skin of body chest epithelial male TSP10
skin of body/chest/stromal/male/TSP10 38 skin of body chest stromal male TSP10
skin of body//endothelial/male/TSP10 702 skin of body endothelial male TSP10
skin of body//epithelial/male/TSP10 59 skin of body epithelial male TSP10
skin of body//stromal/male/TSP10 1635 skin of body stromal male TSP10
small intestine/distal/immune/male/TSP14 4069 small intestine distal immune male TSP14
small intestine/distal/epithelial/mal... 920 small intestine distal epithelial male TSP14
small intestine/distal/stromal/male/T... 69 small intestine distal stromal male TSP14
small intestine/distal/endothelial/ma... 7 small intestine distal endothelial male TSP14
small intestine/proximal/immune/male/... 4353 small intestine proximal immune male TSP14
small intestine/proximal/epithelial/m... 1013 small intestine proximal epithelial male TSP14
small intestine/proximal/stromal/male... 19 small intestine proximal stromal male TSP14
small intestine/proximal/endothelial/... 8 small intestine proximal endothelial male TSP14
spleen//immune/male/TSP14 18836 spleen immune male TSP14
spleen//endothelial/male/TSP14 128 spleen endothelial male TSP14
thymus//immune/male/TSP14 14312 thymus immune male TSP14
thymus//endothelial/male/TSP14 2436 thymus endothelial male TSP14
thymus//stromal/male/TSP14 4690 thymus stromal male TSP14
thymus//epithelial/male/TSP14 140 thymus epithelial male TSP14
tongue/anterior/epithelial/male/TSP14 2089 tongue anterior epithelial male TSP14
tongue/anterior/endothelial/male/TSP14 177 tongue anterior endothelial male TSP14
tongue/anterior/stromal/male/TSP14 129 tongue anterior stromal male TSP14
tongue/anterior/immune/male/TSP14 296 tongue anterior immune male TSP14
tongue/posterior/epithelial/male/TSP14 2321 tongue posterior epithelial male TSP14
tongue/posterior/endothelial/male/TSP14 112 tongue posterior endothelial male TSP14
tongue/posterior/stromal/male/TSP14 95 tongue posterior stromal male TSP14
tongue/posterior/immune/male/TSP14 198 tongue posterior immune male TSP14
trachea//immune/male/TSP6 2616 trachea immune male TSP6
trachea//epithelial/male/TSP6 943 trachea epithelial male TSP6
trachea//endothelial/male/TSP6 224 trachea endothelial male TSP6
trachea//stromal/male/TSP6 1335 trachea stromal male TSP6
vasculature/aorta vena cava/immune/ma... 740 vasculature aorta vena cava immune male TSP14
vasculature/aorta vena cava/endotheli... 245 vasculature aorta vena cava endothelial male TSP14
vasculature/aorta vena cava/stromal/m... 1754 vasculature aorta vena cava stromal male TSP14
vasculature/coronary arteries/immune/... 993 vasculature coronary arteries immune male TSP14
vasculature/coronary arteries/endothe... 986 vasculature coronary arteries endothelial male TSP14
vasculature/coronary arteries/stromal... 3705 vasculature coronary arteries stromal male TSP14
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Data last updated at UCSC: 2022-05-12 04:59:08


This track shows data from The Tabula Sapiens: a multiple organ single cell transcriptomic atlas of humans. The dataset covers ~500,000 cells from a total of 24 human tissues and organs from all regions of the body using both droplet-based and plate-based single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq). Samples were taken from the human bladder, blood, bone marrow, eye, fat, heart, kidney, large intestine, liver, lung, lymph node, mammary, muscle, pancreas, prostate, salivary gland, skin, small intestine, spleen, thymus, tongue, trachea, uterus, and vasculature. The dataset includes 264,009 immune cells, 102,580 epithelial cells, 32,701 endothelial cells, and 81,529 stromal cells. A total of 475 distinct cell types were identified.

This track collection contains two bar chart tracks of RNA expression. The first track, Tabula Tissue Cell allows cells to be grouped together and faceted on up to 3 categories: tissue, cell class, and cell type. The second track, Tabula Details allows cells to be grouped together and faceted on up to 7 categories: tissue, cell class, cell type, subtissue, sex, donor, and assay.

Please see for further interactive displays and additional data.

Display Conventions and Configuration

The cell types are colored by which compartment they belong to according to the following table. In addition, cells found in the Tabula Details track with less than 100 transcripts will be a lighter shade and less concentrated in color to represent a low number of transcripts.

Color Cell Compartment


All tissues

36 tissue specimens comprising 24 unique tissues and organs were collected from 15 human donors (TSP1-15) with a mean age of 51 years. Tissue specimens were collected at various hospital locations in the Northern California region and transported on ice in less than one hour to preserve cell viability. Single cell suspensions from each organ were prepared in tissue expert laboratories at Stanford and UCSF. For each tissue, the dissociated cells were sorted using MACS and FACS to balance immune, stromal, epithelial, and endothelial cell types.

Sequencing libraries for all tissues were prepared using 10x 3' v3.1, 10x 5' v2, and Smart-seq2 (SS2) protocols for Illumina sequencing. Two 10x reactions per organ were loaded with 7,000 cells each with the goal to yield 10,000 QC-passed cells. Four 384-well Smartseq2 plates were run per organ. In most organs, one plate was used for each compartment (epithelial, endothelial, immune, and stromal), however, to capture rare cells, some organ experts allocated cells across the four plates differently. Sequencing runs for droplet libraries were loaded onto the NovaSeq S4 flow cell in sets of 16 to 20 libraries of approximately 5,000 cells per library with the goal of generating 50,000 to 75,000 reads per cell. Plate libraries were run in sets of 20 plates on Novaseq S4 flow cells to allow generating 1M reads per cell, depending on library quality. 152 10x reactions were performed, yielding 454,069 cells passing QC, and 161 smartseq2 plates were processed, yielding 27,051 cells passing QC.

Tissues collected from the same donor were used to study the clonal distribution of T cells between tissues, to understand the tissue specific mutation rate in B cells, and to analyze the cell cycle state and proliferative potential of shared cell types across tissues. RNA splicing analysis was also used to characterize cell type specific splicing and its variation across individuals.

For detailed methods and information on donors for each organ or tissue please refer to Quake et al, 2021 or the Tabula Sapiens website.


Some cell types, particularly in the intestines, are duplicated due to the use of multiple ontologies for the same cell type. In a future version, we plan to pool the data from these duplicates.

Data Access

The raw bar chart data can be explored interactively with the Table Browser, or the Data Integrator. For automated analysis, the data may be queried from our REST API. Please refer to our mailing list archives for questions, or our Data Access FAQ for more information.

The cell/gene matrix and cell-level metadata was downloaded from the UCSC Cell Browser. The UCSC command line utility matrixClusterColumns, matrixToBarChart, and bedToBigBed were used to transform these into a bar chart format bigBed file that can be visualized. The UCSC utilities can be found on our download server.


Thanks to the Tabula Sapiens Consortium who worked on producing and publishing this data set. The data were integrated into the UCSC Genome Browser by Jim Kent, Brittney Wick, and Rachel Schwartz.


The Tabula Sapiens Consortium, Quake SR., The Tabula Sapiens: A Multiple Organ Single Cell Transcriptomic Atlas of Humans. bioRxiv. 2021 March 4.; doi: