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color↓ source and cell type count organ cell_class stage cell_type
Kidney glomerular endothelial cell 622 kidney endothelial adult glomerular endothelial cell
Fetal mixed lymphatic endothelial cell 7305 mixed endothelial fetal lymphatic endothelial cell
Pancreas acinar cell 617 pancreas secretory adult acinar cell
Kidney proximal tubule cell 28061 kidney kidney specific adult proximal tubule cell
Brain endothelial cell 2668 brain endothelial adult endothelial cell
Muscle pericytes RGS5+ MYL9+ 655 muscle endothelial adult pericytes RGS5+ MYL9+
Pancreas islet alpha cell 2251 pancreas secretory adult islet alpha cell
Fetal stomach parietal and chief cell 2322 stomach secretory fetal parietal and chief cell
Fetal pancreas ductal cell 4829 pancreas secretory fetal ductal cell
Lung other/rare 126 lung other adult other/rare
Skin pericyte 1220 skin endothelial adult pericyte
Fetal pancreas islet endocrine cell 4768 pancreas secretory fetal islet endocrine cell
Lung airway basal cell 905 lung epithelial adult airway basal cell
Skin endothelial lymphatic 294 skin endothelial adult endothelial lymphatic
Lung capillary endothelial cell 12835 lung endothelial adult capillary endothelial cell
Skin endothelial vascular cell 1467 skin endothelial adult endothelial vascular cell
Colon enteric progenitor 1784 colon precursor adult enteric progenitor
Rectum enteric progenitor 1435 rectum precursor adult enteric progenitor
Kidney peritubular endothelial cell 851 kidney endothelial adult peritubular endothelial cell
Kidney ascending vasa recta endothe. 300 kidney endothelial adult ascending vasa recta endothe.
Kidney pelvic epithelial cell 136 kidney epithelial adult pelvic epithelial cell
Liver liver sinusoidal endothe. 2,3 301 liver endothelial adult liver sinusoidal endothe. 2,3
Liver liver sinusoidal endothe. 1 340 liver endothelial adult liver sinusoidal endothe. 1
Fetal placenta extravillous trophoblast 1535 placenta trophoblast fetal extravillous trophoblast
Kidney connecting tubule 157 kidney kidney specific adult connecting tubule
Kidney descending vasa recta endothe. 192 kidney endothelial adult descending vasa recta endothe.
Placenta endothelial cell 1260 placenta endothelial adult endothelial cell
Fetal mixed neuroendocrine cell 1824 mixed secretory fetal neuroendocrine cell
Heart endothelial cell 100579 heart endothelial adult endothelial cell
Fetal placenta IGFBP1+ DKK1+ cell 701 placenta other fetal placenta IGFBP1+ DKK1+ cell
Fetal adrenal gland adrenocortical cell 328920 adrenal gland secretory fetal adrenocortical cell
Fetal mixed erythroblast 46707 mixed immune fetal erythroblast
Fetal mixed megakaryocyte 3498 mixed immune fetal megakaryocyte
Fetal kidney metanephric cell 90876 kidney kidney specific fetal metanephric cell
Fetal muscle satellite cell 5255 muscle precursor fetal satellite cell
Fetal mixed smooth muscle cell 7344 mixed muscle fetal smooth muscle cell
Skin fibroblast (mesenchymal) 594 skin fibroblast adult fibroblast (mesenchymal)
Colon enteric stem cell 131 colon stem cell adult enteric stem cell
Rectum enteric stem cell 258 rectum stem cell adult enteric stem cell
Ileum enteric stem cell 229 ileum stem cell adult enteric stem cell
Kidney podocyte 126 kidney kidney specific adult podocyte
Muscle endothelial CLDN5+ PECAM1+ 831 muscle endothelial adult endothelial CLDN5+ PECAM1+
Fetal mixed vascular endothelial cell 75104 mixed endothelial fetal vascular endothelial cell
Pancreas endothelial cell 237 pancreas endothelial adult endothelial cell
Liver liver portal endothelial 238 liver endothelial adult liver portal endothelial
Kidney epithelial progenitor cell 238 kidney precursor adult epithelial progenitor cell
Skin melanocyte 123 skin other adult melanocyte
Fetal eye corneal/conjunctival epithe... 104 eye epithelial fetal corneal/conjunctival epithelial cell
Fetal mixed Schwann cell 1769 mixed glia fetal Schwann cell
Fetal mixed ENS glial cell 3219 mixed glia fetal enteric nervous system (ENS) glial cell
Brain astrocyte (protoplasmic) 7655 brain glia adult astrocytes (protoplasmic)
Brain astrocyte (fibrous) 4562 brain glia adult astrocytes (fibrous)
Brain oligodendrocyte 15371 brain glia adult oligodendrocyte
Fetal thymus thymic epithelial cell 259 thymus epithelial fetal thymic epithelial cell
Kidney thick asc. loop of Henle 675 kidney kidney specific adult thick asc. loop of Henle
Kidney intercalated cell 829 kidney kidney specific adult intercalated cell
Colon enterocyte 870 colon epithelial adult enterocyte
Ileum enterocyte 4243 ileum epithelial adult enterocyte
Rectum enterocyte 584 rectum epithelial adult enterocyte
Colon goblet cell 765 colon secretory adult goblet cell
Rectum goblet cell 899 rectum secretory adult goblet cell
Pancreas ductal cell 911 pancreas epithelial adult ductal cell
Skin keratinocyte 1399 skin epithelial adult keratinocyte
Fetal stomach goblet cell 3624 stomach secretory fetal goblet cell
Lung artery/vein endothelial cell 2639 lung endothelial adult artery/vein endothelial cell
Lung ciliated cell 1409 lung ciliated adult ciliated cell
Ileum enteric progenitor 782 ileum precursor adult enteric progenitor
Fetal mixed ciliated epithelial cell 2886 mixed ciliated fetal ciliated epithelial cell
Fetal intestine epithelial cell 24545 intestine epithelial fetal intestinal epithelial cell
Ileum goblet cell 303 ileum secretory adult goblet cell
Ileum Paneth-like cell 94 ileum secretory adult Paneth-like cell
Lung alveolar Type 2 cell 4483 lung epithelial adult alveolar Type 2 cell
Fetal placenta PAEP+ MECOM+ cell 287 placenta other fetal placenta PAEP+ MECOM+ cell
Lung alveolar Type 1 cell 972 lung epithelial adult alveolar Type 1 cell
Liver cholangiocyte 121 liver epithelial adult cholangiocyte
Ileum transit amplifying cell 291 ileum precursor adult transit amplifying cell
Colon transit amplifying cell 417 colon precursor adult transit amplifying cell
Rectum transit amplifying cell 256 rectum precursor adult transit amplifying cell
Lung goblet cell 159 lung secretory adult goblet cell
Fetal stomach PDE1C+ ACSM3+ cell 78 stomach other fetal stomach PDE1C+ ACSM3+ cell
Skin epidermal stem and progenitors 1187 skin stem cell adult epidermal stem and progenitors
Lung club cell 931 lung secretory adult club cell
Heart mesothelial cell 718 heart epithelial adult mesothelial cell
Pancreas islet beta cell 2417 pancreas secretory adult islet beta cell
Pancreas islet delta cell 535 pancreas secretory adult islet delta cell
Lung mucous cell 491 lung secretory adult mucous cell
Fetal mixed squamous epithelial cell 2238 mixed epithelial fetal squamous epithelial cell
Fetal pancreas acinar cell 11388 pancreas secretory fetal acinar cell
Fetal stomach MUC13+ DMBT1+ cell 792 stomach other fetal stomach MUC13+ DMBT1+ cell
Fetal placenta trophoblast giant cell 1137 placenta trophoblast fetal trophoblast giant cell
Placenta syncytiotrophoblast 1167 placenta trophoblast adult syncytiotrophoblast
Placenta villous cytotrophoblast 8281 placenta trophoblast adult villous cytotrophoblast
Placenta extravillous trophoblast 2360 placenta trophoblast adult extravillous trophoblast
Kidney principal cell 88 kidney kidney specific adult principal cell
Colon Paneth-like cell 349 colon secretory adult Paneth-like cell
Rectum Paneth-like cell 299 rectum secretory adult Paneth-like cell
Pancreas islet gamma cell 244 pancreas secretory adult islet gamma cell
Fetal mixed CSH1+ CSH2+ cell 109 mixed other fetal mixed CSH1+ CSH2+ cell
Fetal placenta syncytiotrophoblast an... 14567 placenta trophoblast fetal syncytiotrophoblast and villous cytot...
Fetal kidney mesangial cell 44177 kidney kidney specific fetal mesangial cell
Fetal brain retinal pigment cell 704 brain other fetal retinal pigment cell
Muscle muscle stem cells PAX7- MYF5+ 1468 muscle stem cell adult muscle stem cells PAX7- MYF5+
Muscle endothelial ICAM1+ SELE+ VCAM1+ 875 muscle endothelial adult endothelial ICAM1+ SELE+ VCAM1+
Fetal heart endocardial cell 7398 heart endothelial fetal endocardial cell
Fetal kidney ureteric bud cell 9138 kidney other fetal ureteric bud cell
Fetal lung bronchiolar/alveolar epith... 101249 lung epithelial fetal bronchiolar/alveolar epithelial cell
Fetal spleen STC2+ TLX1+ cell 4487 spleen other fetal spleen STC2+ TLX1+ cell
Fetal mixed stromal cell 152957 mixed other fetal stromal cell
Fetal liver stellate cell 1743 liver fibroblast fetal stellate cell
Fetal adrenal gland sympathoblasts 3805 adrenal gland other fetal sympathoblasts
Fetal pancreas CCL19+ CCL21+ cell 206 pancreas other fetal pancreas CCL19+ CCL21+ cell
Placenta decidual perivascular cell 1830 placenta epithelial adult decidual perivascular cell
Lung pericyte 1608 lung endothelial adult pericyte
Fetal adrenal gland chromaffin cell 21055 adrenal gland secretory fetal chromaffin cell
Skin fibroblast (pro-inflammatory) 1793 skin fibroblast adult fibroblast (pro-inflammatory)
Lung lymphatic cell 467 lung other adult lymphatic cell
Skin fibroblast (secretory-papilli.) 1675 skin fibroblast adult fibroblast (secretory-papilli.)
Fetal liver hematopoietic stem cell 1096 liver stem cell fetal hematopoietic stem cell
Fetal eye lens fibre cell 246 eye other fetal lens fibre cell
Skin fibroblast (secretory-reticul.) 1886 skin fibroblast adult fibroblast (secretory-reticul.)
Fetal brain astrocyte 318105 brain glia fetal astrocyte
Fetal eye photoreceptor cell 12398 eye neural fetal photoreceptor cell
Liver hepatocyte 3498 liver hepatocyte adult hepatocyte
Fetal heart cardiomyocyte 67610 heart muscle fetal cardiomyocyte
Placenta fibroblast fetal in placenta 2215 placenta fibroblast adult fibroblast fetal in placenta
Lung fibroblast 2234 lung fibroblast adult fibroblast
Fetal liver hepatoblast 58447 liver hepatocyte fetal hepatoblast
Heart smooth muscle 16242 heart muscle adult smooth muscle
Fetal brain retinal progenitor/Muller... 14865 brain glia fetal retinal progenitor/Muller glial cell
Fetal muscle skeletal muscle cell 13516 muscle muscle fetal skeletal muscle cell
Fetal eye horizontal cell 2300 eye neural fetal horizontal cell
Fetal heart CLC+ IL5RA+ cell 102 heart other fetal heart CLC+ IL5RA+ cell
Skin erythrocyte 310 skin immune adult erythrocyte
Fetal thymus thymocyte 7852 thymus other fetal thymocyte
Heart fibroblast 59341 heart fibroblast adult fibroblast
Muscle platelets CD36+ VWF+ 1904 muscle immune adult platelets CD36+ VWF+
Muscle fibroblast FBN1+ MFAP+ CD55+ 2626 muscle fibroblast adult fibroblast FBN1+ MFAP+ CD55+
Muscle fibroblast DCN+ GSN+ MYOC+ 3489 muscle fibroblast adult fibroblast DCN+ GSN+ MYOC+
Fetal eye PDE11A+ FAM19A2+ cell 806 eye other fetal eye PDE11A+ FAM19A2+ cell
Muscle fibroblast COL1A1+ 2744 muscle fibroblast adult fibroblast COL1A1+
Muscle smooth muscle ACTA2 MYH11 MYL9+ 1662 muscle muscle adult smooth muscle ACTA2 MYH11 MYL9+
Fetal brain oligodendrocyte 33748 brain glia fetal oligodendrocyte
Ileum enteroendocrine cell 38 ileum secretory adult enteroendocrine cell
Lung smooth muscle (vascular) 469 lung muscle adult smooth muscle (vascular)
Placenta decidual stroma cell 12370 placenta muscle adult decidual stroma cell
Lung smooth muscle (airway) 693 lung muscle adult smooth muscle (airway)
Fetal eye bipolar neuron 1207 eye neural fetal bipolar neuron
Kidney transitional urothelium 45 kidney epithelial adult transitional urothelium
Pancreas islet epsilon cell 18 pancreas secretory adult islet epsilon cell
Brain neuron NRGN+ II 8317 brain neural adult neuron NRGN+ II
Brain oligodendrocyte precursor 10123 brain precursor adult oligodendrocyte precursor
Colon enteroendocrine cell 13 colon secretory adult enteroendocrine cell
Rectum enteroendocrine cell 66 rectum secretory adult enteroendocrine cell
Brain neuron NRGN+ I 3543 brain neural adult neuron NRGN+ I
Fetal mixed visceral neuron 610 mixed neural fetal visceral neuron
Fetal adrenal gland SLC26A4+ PAEP+ cell 68 adrenal gland other fetal adrenal gland SLC26A4+ PAEP+ cell
Heart pericyte 77856 heart endothelial adult pericyte
Liver plasma B cell 279 liver immune adult plasma B cell
Pancreas stellate (quiescent) 163 pancreas fibroblast adult stellate (quiescent)
Pancreas stellate (activated) 253 pancreas fibroblast adult stellate (activated)
Fetal mixed AFP+ ALB+ cell 182 mixed other fetal mixed AFP+ ALB+ cell
Lung basophil/mast cell 1902 lung immune adult basophil/mast cell
Kidney fibroblast 145 kidney fibroblast adult fibroblast
Fetal heart ELF3+ AGBL2+ cell 164 heart other fetal heart ELF3+ AGBL2+ cell
Heart atrial cardiomyocyte 23483 heart muscle adult atrial cardiomyocyte
Heart ventricular cardiomyocyte 125289 heart muscle adult ventricular cardiomyocyte
Heart not assigned 33998 heart other adult not assigned
Lung bronchial vessel cell 690 lung other adult bronchial vessel cell
Fetal mixed ENS neuron 2514 mixed neural fetal enteric nervous system (ENS) neuron
Liver T cell gamma/delta 2 338 liver immune adult T cell gamma/delta 2
Muscle erythroblast HBA1+ 62 muscle immune adult erythroblast HBA1+
Fetal mixed lymphoid cell 16873 mixed immune fetal lymphoid cell
Fetal eye amacrine cell 7341 eye neural fetal amacrine cell
Liver erythroid cell 53 liver immune adult erythroid cell
Fetal brain unipolar brush cell 52646 brain neural fetal unipolar brush cell
Fetal mixed mesothelial cell 2048 mixed epithelial fetal mesothelial cell
Muscle muscle stem cells PAX7+ DLK1+ 1724 muscle stem cell adult muscle stem cells PAX7+ DLK1+
Liver macrophage (inflammatory) 822 liver immune adult macrophage (inflammatory)
Muscle skeletal muscle ACTA1+ 256 muscle muscle adult skeletal muscle ACTA1+
Heart doublets 623 heart other adult doublets
Fetal brain microglial cell 8975 brain immune fetal microglial cell
Muscle macrophage C1QA+ CD74+ 614 muscle immune adult macrophage C1QA+ CD74+
Fetal brain SLC24A4+ PEX5L+ cell 19722 brain other fetal brain SLC24A4+ PEX5L+ cell
Fetal heart SATB2+ LRRC7+ cell 318 heart other fetal heart SATB2+ LRRC7+ cell
Muscle macrophages (inflammatory) 647 muscle immune adult macrophages (inflammatory)
Fetal brain Purkinje neuron 280377 brain neural fetal Purkinje neuron
Fetal brain SKOR2+ NPSR1+ cell 15005 brain other fetal brain SKOR2+ NPSR1+ cell
Fetal eye ganglion cell 10143 eye neural fetal ganglion cell
Kidney mononuclear phagocyte 1237 kidney immune adult mononuclear phagocyte
Heart myeloid cell 23028 heart immune adult myeloid cell
Fetal thymus antigen presenting cell 465 thymus immune fetal antigen presenting cell
Placenta myeloid cell 7990 placenta immune adult myeloid cell
Fetal brain inhibitory interneuron 129890 brain neural fetal inhibitory interneuron
Fetal brain granule neuron 312675 brain neural fetal granule neuron
Skin macrophage/dendritic cell 2228 skin immune adult macrophage/dendritic cell
Lung macrophage/monocyte 18236 lung immune adult macrophage/monocyte
Fetal brain excitatory neuron 1258818 brain neural fetal excitatory neuron
Fetal brain limbic system neuron 45989 brain neural fetal limbic system neuron
Heart neuronal cell 3961 heart neural adult neuronal cell
Kidney other immune 110 kidney immune adult other immune
Fetal brain inhibitory neuron 350759 brain neural fetal inhibitory neuron
Liver stellate 20 liver fibroblast adult stellate
Fetal mixed myeloid cell 18300 mixed immune fetal myeloid cell
Liver T cell gamma/delta 1 333 liver immune adult T cell gamma/delta 1
Blood monocyte 49010 blood immune adult monocyte
Liver macrophage (noninflammatory) 326 liver immune adult macrophage (noninflammatory)
Lung dendritic cell 1115 lung immune adult dendritic cell
Blood dendritic cell 3589 blood immune adult dendritic cell
Liver T cell alpha/beta 1115 liver immune adult T cell alpha/beta
Brain interneuron SV2C+ 1914 brain neural adult interneuron SV2C+
Heart lymphoid cell 17217 heart immune adult lymphoid cell
Brain interneuron PVALB+ 4037 brain neural adult interneuron PVALB+
Brain interneuron SST+ 4569 brain neural adult interneuron SST+
Brain interneuron VIP+ 5974 brain neural adult interneuron VIP+
Brain neuron maturing 4135 brain neural adult neuron maturing
Kidney B cell 975 kidney immune adult B cell
Brain neuron L2/3 cortex 13324 brain neural adult neuron L2/3 cortex
Brain neuron L4 cortex 6858 brain neural adult neuron L4 cortex
Brain neuron L5/6 corticofugal 3561 brain neural adult neuron L5/6 corticofugal
Brain neuron L5/6 cortico-cortical 4617 brain neural adult neuron L5/6 cortico-cortical
Placenta other immune 1244 placenta immune adult other immune
Brain microglia 3331 brain immune adult microglia
Pancreas other 68 pancreas other adult other
Liver natural killer like 520 liver immune adult natural killer like
Blood other 3442 blood immune adult other
Kidney natural killer cell 2055 kidney immune adult natural killer cell
Liver B cell 140 liver immune adult B cell
Heart adipocyte 3799 heart adipose adult adipocyte
Placenta natural killer cell 12777 placenta immune adult natural killer cell
Kidney T cell CD4+ 2435 kidney immune adult T cell CD4+
Kidney T cell CD8+ 991 kidney immune adult T cell CD8+
Placenta T cell CD4+ 4950 placenta immune adult T cell CD4+
Placenta T cell mucosal (MAIT) 968 placenta immune adult T cell mucosal (MAIT)
Placenta T cell CD8+ 2293 placenta immune adult T cell CD8+
Skin T cell 1281 skin immune adult T cell
Blood natural killer cell 18664 blood immune adult natural killer cell
Lung lymphoid cell 13298 lung immune adult lymphoid cell
Muscle lymphoid IL7R+ PTPRC+ NKG7+ 1319 muscle immune adult lymphoid IL7R+ PTPRC+ NKG7+
Muscle adipocyte APOD+ CFD+ PLAC9+ 1182 muscle adipose adult adipocyte APOD+ CFD+ PLAC9+
Blood B cell 13800 blood immune adult B cell
Blood T cell other 6789 blood immune adult T cell other
Blood T cell CD4+ 41001 blood immune adult T cell CD4+
Blood T cell CD8+ 25469 blood immune adult T cell CD8+
Fetal heart epicardial adipose cell 1891 heart adipose fetal epicardial adipose cell
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Assembly: Human Dec. 2013 (GRCh38/hg38)
Data last updated at UCSC: 2022-04-11 21:59:21


This track displays single-cell data from 12 papers covering 14 organs. Cells are grouped together by organ and cell type. The cell types are based on annotations published alongside the papers. These were curated at UCSC as much as possible to use the same cell type terminologies across papers and organs. In some cases, we merged together small populations of cells annotated as distinct and related types into a single type so as to have enough cells to call gene expression levels accurate. The gene expression levels are normalized so that the total level of expression for all genes in a single cell or cell type adds up to one million.

Display Conventions and Configuration

The cell types are colored by which class they belong to according to the following table.

Please note, the coloring algorithm allows cells that show some mixed characteristics to = show blended colors so there will be some color variation within a class. In addition, cells with less than 100 transcripts will be a lighter shade and less concentrated in color to represent a low number of transcripts.

Color Cell classification
stem cell or progenitor cell


Each organ or tissue was integrated and curated into the Genome Browser indiviually.

All components were normalized to be in parts per million using the matrixNormalize command available from UCSC. Metadata was cleaned up using the tabToTabDir tool. The major clean-ups were unpacking abbreviations, replacing jargon with standard English, choosing shorted terms to shorten long labels, labeling outliers, etc. Before integration we invited the original data producers as well as local biologists and informaticions to view the data.


Many thanks to the data contributing labs for sharing their high quality research. Thanks to the Cell Browser team including Matt Speir and Max Haeussler, for their work in integratinging these datasets into the Cell Browser. In most cases, their efforts were ahead of our own and we could leverage their work making the job much easier. Within the Genome Browser group, Jim Kent did the initial wrangling, and Brittney Wick did substantial data cleanup and coordination with the labs.


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