Schema for snp142ExceptionDesc
  Database: hg38    Primary Table: snp142ExceptionDesc    Row Count: 22   Data last updated: 2015-01-24
Format description: Brief descriptions and counts of the exception types checked in the corresponding SNP track and snp???Exceptions table.
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fieldexampleSQL type info description
exception RefAlleleMismatchvarchar(63) values Exception type.
count 1006int(10) unsigned range Number of occurrences of this exception.
description The reference allele from d...varchar(255) values Brief description of exception.

Connected Tables and Joining Fields
        hg38.snp142.exceptions (via snp142ExceptionDesc.exception)
      hg38.snp142Common.exceptions (via snp142ExceptionDesc.exception)
      hg38.snp142Flagged.exceptions (via snp142ExceptionDesc.exception)
      hg38.snp142Mult.exceptions (via snp142ExceptionDesc.exception)

Sample Rows
RefAlleleMismatch1006The reference allele from dbSNP does not match the UCSC reference allele.
RefAlleleRevComp0The reference allele from dbSNP matches the reverse complement of the UCSC reference allele.
DuplicateObserved129523There are other rsIds at this position with identical variation.
MixedObserved2599027There are other rsIds at this position with different variation.
FlankMismatchGenomeLonger59250NCBI's alignment of the flanking sequences had at least one mismatch or gap.  (UCSC's re-alignment of flanking sequences to the ...
FlankMismatchGenomeEqual187481NCBI's alignment of the flanking sequences had at least one mismatch or gap.  (UCSC's re-alignment of flanking sequences to the ...
FlankMismatchGenomeShorter121641NCBI's alignment of the flanking sequences had at least one mismatch or gap.  (UCSC's re-alignment of flanking sequences to the ...
NamedDeletionZeroSpan0A deletion (from the genome) was observed but the annotation spans 0 bases.  (UCSC's re-alignment of flanking sequences to the g ...
NamedInsertionNonzeroSpan0An insertion (into the genome) was observed but the annotation spans more than 0 bases.  (UCSC's re-alignment of flanking sequen ...
SingleClassLongerSpan68091All observed alleles are single-base, but the annotation spans more than 1 base.  (UCSC's re-alignment of flanking sequences to ...

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