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fieldexampleSQL type info description
mapID PWY-5920varchar(40) values BioCyc pathway map
description heme biosynthesis IIvarchar(255) values BioCyc pathway map description

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Sample Rows
PWY-5920heme biosynthesis II
GLCMANNANAUT-PWYsuperpathway of N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylmannosamine and N-acetylneuraminate degradation
PWY-5328superpathway of methionine degradation
PWY-5004superpathway of citrulline metabolism
PWY66-5superpathway of cholesterol biosynthesis
PWY-4041γ-glutamyl cycle
TRYPTOPHAN-DEGRADATION-1tryptophan degradation III (eukaryotic)
PWY-5767glycogen degradation III
PWY-6353purine nucleotides degradation II (aerobic)
PWY66-341cholesterol biosynthesis I

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