Schema for organelle
  Database: uniProt    Primary Table: organelle    Row Count: 10,602   Data last updated: 2018-04-06
Format description: A part of a cell that has it's own genome
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fieldexampleSQL type info description
id 1int(11) range Organelle ID - we create this
val Plasmid megaplasmid Rsp.longblob   Text description

Connected Tables and Joining Fields (via

Sample Rows
1Plasmid megaplasmid Rsp.
2Plasmid pZM2, and Plasmid pZMOBP6.
3Plasmid megaplasmid.
4Plasmid pSymB (megaplasmid 2).
5Plasmid pSG1.
6Plasmid pLJ1.
7Plasmid pCA311.
8Plasmid pASU1.
9Plasmid TOL pWW0.
10Plasmid TOL pDK1.

Note: all start coordinates in our database are 0-based, not 1-based. See explanation here.