Schema for Drug Resistance Mutations - Mutations that confer drug resistance (Anna Niewiadomska, BV-BRC)
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Format description: Drug Resistance Sites
chromNC_045512v2Reference sequence chromosome or scaffold
chromStart10113Start position in chromosome
chromEnd10116End position in chromosome
nameT21I+T304IRdRp mutation coordinates
score0Score (always 0)
strand.Strand (always .)
thickStart10113Start again
thickEnd10116End again
color0,0,0Color as r,g,b value
fromNucndReference genome nucleotides
toNucndMutated nucleotides
commentsmoderate nirmatrelvir resistanceDescription

Sample Rows
NC_045512v21011310116T21I+T304I0.10113101160,0,0ndndmoderate nirmatrelvir resistance
NC_045512v21020010203L50F+E166V0.10200102030,0,0ndnd175-fold nirmatrelvir resistance with long term treatment; 80-fold nirmatrelvir resistance with short term treatment
NC_045512v21020010203L50F+E166V0.10200102030,0,0ndnd175-fold nirmatrelvir resistance with long term treatment; 80-fold nirmatrelvir resistance with short term treatment
NC_045512v21020010203L50F+E166V+L167F0.10200102030,0,0ndnd> 20x increase in EC50 values for ALG-097161, nirmatrelvir (PF-07321332) and PF-00835231
NC_045512v21020010203L50F+A173V0.10200102030,0,0ndndmoderate nirmatrelvir resistance
NC_045512v21048310486S144M/F/A/G/Y0.10483104860,0,0nanacomparable enzymatic activity as the wild-type (kcat/Km  10-fold increase)
NC_045512v21054610549M165T0.10546105490,0,0nanacomparable enzymatic activity as the wild-type (kcat/Km  10-fold increase)
NC_045512v21054910552E166Q0.10549105520,0,0nanacomparable enzymatic activity as the wild-type (kcat/Km  10-fold increase)
NC_045512v21054910552E166V0.10549105520,0,0ndndHigh nirmatrelvir resistance
NC_045512v21054910552E166A0.10549105520,0,0ndndresistance to ALG-097161, nirmatrelvir (PF-07321332) and PF-00835231

Drug Resistance Mutations (resist) Track Description


This track lists amino acid mutations that are known to confer drug resistance against Remdesivir, Sotrovimab, and Nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid). They were sourced with permission from Paul Gordon's website at the University of Calgary and Anna Niewiadomska from the J. Craig Venter Institute, manually input by Max Haeussler.

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Thanks to Anna Niewiadomska from the BV-BRC team at the J. Craig Venter Institute for converting these to coordinates.