Schema for GC Percent - GC Percent in 5-Base Windows
  Database: wuhCor1    Primary Table: gc5BaseBw    Row Count: 1   Data last updated: 2020-01-29
On download server: MariaDB table dump directory
fieldexampleSQL type info
fileName /gbdb/wuhCor1/bbi/gc5BaseBw...varchar(255) values

The data is stored in the binary BigWig format. The MySQL table contains only a single row with a pointer to the file.
You can download the binary file from our Download server.

Sample Rows

Note: all start coordinates in our database are 0-based, not 1-based. See explanation here.

GC Percent (gc5BaseBw) Track Description


The GC percent track shows the percentage of G (guanine) and C (cytosine) bases in 5-base windows. High GC content is typically associated with gene-rich areas.

This track may be configured in a variety of ways to highlight different apsects of the displayed information. Click the "Graph configuration help" link for an explanation of the configuration options.


The data and presentation of this graph were prepared by Hiram Clawson.