Schema for Validated epitopes from IEDB - Validated epitopes from IEDB
  Database: wuhCor1    Primary Table: iedb Data last updated: 2020-10-06
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Item Count: 239
The data is stored in the binary BigBed format.

Format description: iedb bed9+ track
chromNC_045512v2Reference sequence chromosome or scaffold
chromStart20509Start position in chromosome
chromEnd20539End position in chromosome
nameLLLDDFVEIIName or ID of item, ideally both human readable and unique
score1000Score (0-1000)
strand++ or - for strand
thickStart20509Start of where display should be thick (start codon)
thickEnd20539End of where display should be thick (stop codon)
reserved0RGB value (use R,G,B string in input file)
epitopeID1074975Epitope ID in IEDB
epitopeTypeLinear peptideLinear or Non-linear epitope
aaStartPos6749Amino acid start position
aaEndPos6758Amino acid end position
antigenNameorf1ab polyprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]Antigen name
antigenAccessionYP_009724389.1Antigen accession
organismNameSevere acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2Organism Name

Sample Rows
NC_045512v22050920539LLLDDFVEII1000+205092053901074975Linear peptide67496758orf1ab polyprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724389.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22060820635MLWCKDGHV1000+2060820635042093Linear peptide67826790orf1ab polyprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724389.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22068020707GVAMPNLYK1000+2068020707022916Linear peptide68066814orf1ab polyprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724389.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22081520842YLNTLTLAV1000+2081520842074850Linear peptide68516859orf1ab polyprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724389.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22098621013TLIGDCATV1000+2098621013064850Linear peptide69086916orf1ab polyprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724389.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22161021634NLTTRTQL1000+216102163401087385Linear peptide1724surface glycoprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724390.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22163121658LPPAYTNSF1000+216312165801074980Linear peptide2432surface glycoprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724390.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22166721709VYYPDKVFRSSVLH1000+216672170901075113Linear peptide3649surface glycoprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724390.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22170921739STQDLFLPFF1000+217092173901075065Linear peptide5059surface glycoprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724390.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
NC_045512v22172421766FLPFFSNVTWFHAI1000+217242176601074888Linear peptide5568surface glycoprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2]YP_009724390.1Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

Validated epitopes from IEDB (iedb) Track Description


This track shows epitope sequences displayed by various class I MHC alleles as annotated by National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Immune Epitope Database (IEDB). Only the epitopes with positive assays are displayed on this track. These epitopes were validated using many different methods. Click through to the IEDB page for each individual epitope to see how that epitope was validated.

EpitopeID is a clickable link to each epitope on the IEDB site where details about assays, literature and HLA restriction are provided.


Vita R, Zarebski L, Greenbaum JA, Emami H, Hoof I, Salimi N, Damle R, Sette A, Peters B. The immune epitope database 2.0. Nucleic Acids Res. 2010 Jan;38(Database issue):D854-62. PMID: 19906713; PMC: PMC2808938