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source: Allen Brain Atlas (ABA) Reference: n/a
Year: 2006 Contributors: Boe A.,Dang C.,Jeung D.,Luong L.,Sunkin S.,Sutram M.,Youngstrom B.,Lein E.,Jones A.,ABA ABA,ABI ABI,Allen Institute for Brain Science,Allen Brain Atlas,
Gene: Tde2 Probe: RNA sequenced GenBank: Organism: Mus musculus Sex: male
Strain: C57BL/6 Genotype: wild type Stage: 5.3 week old pup (Theiler 28)
Body Part: brain Expression: n/a Section Type: sagittal
Copyright: © 2004-2006 Allen Institute for Brain Science
Acknowledgements: Thanks to the Allen Institute for Brain Science, particularly to Andrew Boe, Chinh Dang, Darren Jeung, Lon Luong, Susan Sunkin, Madhavi Sutram, and Brian Youngstrom for helping make these images available in VisiGene.contributor Allen Institute for Brain Science

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