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source: GENSAT Reference: A gene expression atlas of the central nervous system based on bacterial artificial chromosomes
Year: 2003 Contributors: Heintz N., Curran T., Hatten M., Magdaleno S., Jensen P., Gong S., Mehta S., Wang C., Concepcion A., Kowalic E., Losos K., Feng H., Thompson T., Ford B., Baker S., Doughty M., Dinzey J., Dyer A., Grevstad C., Hinkle A., Kizima L., Madden C., Pariser E., Zheng C., Kus L., Milosevic A., Didkovsky N., Nowak N., Joyner A., Lehman K., Cheung T., Asbury A., Eden C., Batten D.,
Gene: Ppp6c Probe: RNA GenBank: NM_024209 Organism: Mus musculus Sex: n/a
Strain: n/a Genotype: wild type Stage: 11.0 day old embryo (Theiler 18)
Body Part: whole Expression: n/a Section Type: mixed
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Michael Dicuccio at NCBI for helping load these images into VisiGene.

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