1000G Ph3 Vars Track Settings
1000 Genomes Phase 3 Integrated Variant Calls from IGSR: SNVs and Indels   (All Variation tracks)

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Haplotype sorting display

When this display mode is enabled and genotypes are phased or homozygous, each genotype is split into two independent haplotypes. These local haplotypes are clustered by similarity around a central variant. Haplotypes are reordered for display using the clustering tree, which is drawn in the left label area. Local haplotype blocks can often be identified using this display.

Enable Haplotype sorting display
Haplotype sorting order:
using middle variant in viewing window as anchor.
To anchor the sorting to a particular variant, click on the variant in the genome browser, and then click on the 'Use this variant' button on the next page.
Using the order in which samples appear in the underlying VCF file
Haplotype coloring scheme: