Human Gene AC243919.2 (ENST00000613086.1) Description and Page Index
  Description: Homo sapiens golgi autoantigen, golgin subfamily a-like pseudogene, mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:40037024). (from mRNA BC131532)
Gencode Transcript: ENST00000613086.1
Gencode Gene: ENSG00000278202.1
Transcript (Including UTRs)
   Position: hg38 chr15:82,418,651-82,434,235 Size: 15,585 Total Exon Count: 7 Strand: +

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Data last updated: 2019-09-04

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Genomic Sequence (chr15:82,418,651-82,434,235)mRNA (may differ from genome)No protein
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-  Orthologous Genes in Other Species
  Orthologies between human, mouse, and rat are computed by taking the best BLASTP hit, and filtering out non-syntenic hits. For more distant species reciprocal-best BLASTP hits are used. Note that the absence of an ortholog in the table below may reflect incomplete annotations in the other species rather than a true absence of the orthologous gene.
MouseRatZebrafishD. melanogasterC. elegansS. cerevisiae
No orthologNo orthologNo orthologNo orthologNo orthologNo ortholog

-  Descriptions from all associated GenBank mRNAs
  BC131532 - Homo sapiens golgi autoantigen, golgin subfamily a-like pseudogene, mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:40037024).
AK130562 - Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ27052 fis, clone SPL00459.
AK301885 - Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ61650 complete cds, highly similar to Homo sapiens golgi autoantigen, golgin subfamily a-like, mRNA.
KJ905662 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone ccsbBroadEn_15313 GOLGA6L5-like gene, encodes complete protein.
KJ905678 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone ccsbBroadEn_15348 hypothetical protein, encodes complete protein.
AK092106 - Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ34787 fis, clone NT2NE2004740.
JD309997 - Sequence 291021 from Patent EP1572962.
JD309998 - Sequence 291022 from Patent EP1572962.
BC041854 - Homo sapiens hypothetical protein LOC440295, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:43633 IMAGE:5270411), complete cds.
JD560418 - Sequence 541442 from Patent EP1572962.
JD373086 - Sequence 354110 from Patent EP1572962.
JD279459 - Sequence 260483 from Patent EP1572962.
JD488863 - Sequence 469887 from Patent EP1572962.
JD239403 - Sequence 220427 from Patent EP1572962.
JD220991 - Sequence 202015 from Patent EP1572962.
AK128268 - Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ46405 fis, clone THYMU3009643.
DQ577188 - Homo sapiens piRNA piR-45300, complete sequence.
KJ904296 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone ccsbBroadEn_13690 GOLGA6L9 gene, encodes complete protein.
JD446695 - Sequence 427719 from Patent EP1572962.
JD084535 - Sequence 65559 from Patent EP1572962.

-  Other Names for This Gene
  Alternate Gene Symbols: BC131532, uc059mni.1
UCSC ID: uc059mni.1
RefSeq Accession: NM_198181

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